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Sci-fi fanatic, astronomy lover, professionally involved in web development with WordPress since 2014.

I am a Web Developer passionate about building high-quality software and exceptional user experience. With over 10 years of experience in developing web applications and web services combined with a B.S. in the field of Information and Computer Science, I strive to bring every new project to excellence.

I love what I do which is no wonder why I often use my free time developing my own products. It’s a great journey to leveling up my skills and learning new things.

I love astronomy and cycling! Other hobbies, well… if you consider watching movies a hobby, then bear in mind that Sci-Fi is my thing.

That was me in 30 seconds. If you want to get to know me better, let’s grab a cup of coffee (or beer) and have a chat!


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Process phase


This phase involves gathering information and understanding the problem or opportunity that the project aims to address. It involves research, analysis, and client’s engagement to identify the project’s goals and objectives.
Process phase


In this phase, a detailed plan is created to achieve the project goals. This includes outlining the project scope, developing a timeline, defining deliverables, and assigning responsibilities.
Process phase


The launch phase is where the project is executed, and the deliverables are created. This involves working on the project tasks, coordinating with team members, and communicating progress to clients.
Process phase


Once the project is launched, the support phase begins. This involves monitoring and maintaining the project deliverables, addressing any issues or concerns that arise, and providing ongoing support to clients as needed.
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Secondo Welfare

Migrating website from another platform to WordPress and creating new design for several post templates using Custom Code.
The migration of the database was done with custom plugin using WP Cli for easier transfer of the data.
The rest of the site is built using Elementor Pro.

migration, wordpress plugins, wordpress themes, wp-cli

OpenAi Blog Post

Plugin that utilizes OpenAi DaVinci 003 to generated Blog Post based on the entered post title.
It can be used with Gutenberg Editor or the Classic editor. Works for both posts and pages.

api, OpenAi, wordpress plugins

BlueCat ScreenPlay

Custom dashboard for admins, readers and subscribers who submit scripts.

wordpress plugins

Green Bridge

Custom WordPress site built with ACF and Guttenberg blocks. Uses Membership Pro Ultimate plugin for members and subscriptions. Applied is also Content restrictions based on user subscription. Theme is built from scratch.

wordpress themes

WordPress Hide Posts Plugin

This plugin allows you to hide any posts on the home page, category page, search page, tags page, authors page and RSS Feed
Also you can hide Woocommerce products from Shop page as well as from Product category pages.

wordpress plugins

LitUp Agency

LitUp is built in Laravel backend with React.JS as front-end and uses Postgres as Database.

The site is about offering legal services.

php, postgres, reactjs, rest api

Ezras Donation Site

This site is built in Laravel. If offers services for donation and sending gift to close family or friends.

It has its own dashboard for managing the users who donate and managing the payments.

It implements external payment gateway with custom made recurring payments.

api, git, payment gateway


Nathan Garner

Excellent service. Martin went above and beyond and finished the work very promptly. I especially appreciated the help and advice around the actual work too. Would highly recommend and will use Martin again when using Codable.

Dan Jordan

Martin is an excellent developer and is great with WordPress which is where our focus is. We’ve worked with him on several projects with great success. He’s helped us build both custom plugins and themes as well as been part of a larger team on complex applications. We’ve been very happy with the results and confidently recommend him for any development needs you may have.

Ashleigh Hamilton

Martin was extremely helpful in helping us set up our Contact Form 7. He helped us trouble shoot several aspects related to SMTP, and got the project done ahead of schedule. Additionally, he helped us migrate some of our code to a Child Theme of our Website. Overall, he went above and beyond on our project and I would highly recommend him.

Ward Hopkins

Very easy to work with. Responds quickly. Gets the job done the way you want it done. Highly recommended

Sarah Powers

Martin was a wonderful communicator and not only met the deadline but exceeded it. He also documented what he did in a very thorough way. I highly recommend him.

Bill Hill

This guy did amazing work and made things so straightforward for a very limited guy like me in this field. Would highly recommend him and he is someone I will call upon in the near future for other tweaks to my site. Top notch

Alex Riddle

We employee a number of developers, and whenever something is WordPress related and they get stuck on it, internally we always just say “Just ask Martin. If he can’t figure it out, no one can.”. He’s never failed us once. If you’re looking for an expert WordPress developer, I highly encourage you to contact him – and don’t be afraid of his hourly rate, we regularly see him finish tasks twice or three times as fast as some of our other developers due to his high level of experience.

Fabio Fraticelli

Simply amazing. Martin knew exactly how to handle this job and completed it successfully within the expected timeframe. I had the feeling that Martin was the right person to hire because – before to be contracted – he did several detailed questions on the job itself. He’s extremely detail-oriented but at the same time autonomous and propositive. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.


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