Gutenberg Editor Review

Gutenberg is the name of the block based editor for WordPress. It was first introduced in WordPress version 5. Gutenberg Editor is a page editor that uses blocks for easier creating pages and posts. You can create different layouts for each page or post.

Gutenberg Editor
Gutenberg editor

Gutenberg has a lot of blocks that you can just add and arrange however you like.

Some of the blocks are:

There are lot of other blocks that can be used.


There are also ready patterns that you can use.

Patterns are a collection of grouped blocked to make a unique element that can be added as your content.

Using patters is great improvement over you creating the layout adding blocks and re-arranging them.

After you insert the pattern, you can modify it to fit your needs.

The Gutenberg team created a block pattern library at You can add the patters just by copy / paste. Click on the Copy button over the pattern on the library page and just paste in the editor.

Because Gutenberg is a Core feature of WordPress, you do not have to worry about compatibility issues with each new version of WordPress. Another good thing about Gutenberg is that it is outputting more clean and light code which means that your site will have better performance and load faster.

Another thing I find useful is that I can just copy / paste images directly from my computer and it will be automatically uploaded to the Media and inserted into the content where you pasted it. You can also drag & drop one or multiple images and it works great.

You can play more with the Editor on the following link: Playground

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